April 26, 2018 MemComputing

Dynapac Review

"I have worked with Bob Colson and the Dynapac Design Group since for over 20 years and 3 different companies; The Pyxis Corporation, Asteres, Inc. and ecoATM. Dynapac provided each of these companies with design services for their flagship products. In each case, we approached Dynapac when we were in our startup phase, short on capital, but high on need. Bob Colson took us under his wing and provided these services with tremendous support. In one case, he allowed us to incubate on his premises.When Dynapac gets involved, the line between client and company blurs. They take on your problem as if it was theirs. They work with you based on your needs, your limitations, etc. You don't have to have deep pockets. They can get you there in bite sized chunks.I couldn't give them a higher recommendation or praise."
April 26, 2018 Golden Touch, LLC

Smart choice for my company!

"Sometimes in life and business you get lucky and make a great choice! That's exactly how I feel about hiring Dynapac to get my company from in the garage concept to professional prototype and beyond. Working with the professional engineers with brilliant "can do" attitudes is priceless. My project is Pet Freedom Doggy Potty, an indoor toilet for dogs. This product/project is not shown yet on their portfolio as we are just now in the final design stage and molds are being completed. One of the best compliments I can give them is that they are willing to listen to the inventor but yet wise enough to lead you into the right direction. I have nothing but good things to say about their business and entire staff. Thanks Dynapac for being and doing what you do."
Dynapac Design Group