Industrial Engineering in Carlsbad, CA

Engineering is where your product comes to life! The team at Dynapac Design Group gets down to the nuts and bolts of the product, providing complete oversight for industrial engineering in Carlsbad, CA. We’ll make sure the physics and function of your product are sound and that prototypes are tested against rigorous standards of quality.

  • Engineering plan:
    Our team compiles a systems engineering plan (SEP) that maps the execution, management and control of any technical aspects of your product development. It’s the technical roadmap by which we make sure your product is. up to specification.
  • Mechanical engineering:
    We account for all of the physics and materials considerations of your project, ensuring the design is in harmony with the application and that your product will work as expected when it’s produced.
  • Electrical engineering:
    A field that deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Our engineers work on a wide range of components, devices and systems, from tiny microchips to large robotic integration.
  • CAD layouts:
    Using the CAD renderings provided by a design engineer in Carlsbad, CA, we delve deeper to map out functional models and composites of materials, processes, dimensions and tolerances. The result is a comprehensive digital look at your design in action.
  • Document engineering:
    Documentation is critical. It ensures a record of your design standards and rules, allowing for precise drafting and eventual production. Documentation can also be critical for filing patents and other such intellectual property filings.
  • Patent research:
    We handle all phases of patent research to make sure your intellectual property is protected. This includes trend analysis, patent disclosure, business evaluation, competitive intelligence, M&A due diligence and infringement discovery.
  • Performance testing:
    To make sure our engineering and design specifications fit the bill for your intended application, we engage your product in various stress tests and other benchmarking trials to ensure it meets and exceeds standards and expectations. We also map all data and provide consideration for adjustment, where required.

If your product design needs turnkey engineering, provided by experienced developers, Dynapac Design Group is ready to assist you. Learn more about our engineering process and development standards today by calling 858-560-0117.

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