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We have an extensive portfolio with many reputable companies you may even heard of.

Consumer Market: Our product design engineering team stays abreast of new technologoy and understands the phases necessary in using cost-effective methods of implementation. We can help you to achieve a quick to retail market process with an easily manufactured product.

Commercial/Industrial Market: We have developed a variety of custom products for specialized industrial applications. Off-the-shelf parts may not be your solution. Allow us the opportunity to recommend a design that creates an industrial solution that works for your marketplace.

Medical/Healthcare Market: We are a proven industry leader in design and development of medical products such as health aids, handheld medical dicagnostic equipment and laboratory analyzers. Our goal is to design products that are more reliable, higher quality and cost effective.

Military/Government Market: We have a broad background in engineering that can be applied to your defense project saving development time and cost. Our experience in military product engineering can also assist contract holders who need specialized engineering expertise.

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